If you are in need of straighter teeth, maybe it is time to find out all about the Invisalign difference. Is your smile not what you want it to be? Are you lacking the confidence that a beautiful smile can bring into your life? Now it is easier than ever to straighten your teeth while keeping the process nearly invisible.

Metal braces are a thing of the past. Mouth sores, poor gum health, pain and injuries caused by braced wires are all but gone when you use Invisalign clear braces. There are many reasons to consider using Invisalign clear braces, but here are just a few from patients:

  • Patients are able to remove the device from their mouth at any time. This is great for hygiene health as regular cleaning and flossing can be done effortlessly.
  • Patients will not need to worry about tooth/bracket breakages, or difficulty in eating. There are no wires to get in the way of eating foods like popcorn, pizza, hard-crusted breads, apples, corn on the cob and more. You can eat normally with the Invisalign clear braces in your mouth without suffering any ill effects.
  • Invisalign clear braces are made of smooth plastic that will not irritate your cheeks or mouth like traditional metal braces do.
  • These braces allow a more flexible schedule with your dental provider, meaning less frequent dental appointments.
  • They effectively treat a wide range of dental issues such as an overbite, overcrowding, crossbite, underbite and spacing problems.
  • Best of all Invisalign straightens your teeth and gives you a beautiful smile that you can be proud of.

If you have been putting off getting braces because of the discomfort and potential problems caused by wired braces, now is the time to move forward to redeem your smile. It is time to discover the Invisalign difference! Contact Patterson Dental of Chandler, AZ today for your appointment. (480) 280-6170