Laser Dentistry is Making Big Strides in Chandler, AZ

Laser Treatment for Gum Disease One of the most current and fascinating ways to treat gum disease has become the most popular in dental offices throughout the nation. Laser dentistry is making big strides in Chandler Arizona, and Dr. Patterson has obtained special licenses to treat gum disease with laser treatments. Controlling Infection and Gum Disease If you have ever had gum disease and been treated the conventional way for it, you know how painful and sore your gums can be afterward, and the higher risk of infection that can occur due to the treatment. Laser dentistry is lowering the [...]

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Oral Care and the Effect on the Heart

Perhaps you have never been told that oral care has a significant impact on your heart. Some patients already suffering from heart issues like mitral valve prolapse or other related heart problems are treated prior to their appointments with a regimen of antibiotics to prevent infection. Dentists have learned that poor oral care can be a culprit to heart disease. Dr. John Patterson is aware of poor oral care and the effect on the heart. Frankly, poor oral care leads to gum disease. Once the disease begins to cause bleeding and gum recession, it can just as easily migrate to [...]

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New Laser Solution for Gum Disease in Chandler, AZ.

The American Academy of Periodontology (AAP) has found that three out of four people suffer from gum disease while only 3% of patients seek treatment for it. Gum disease research has found a link between gum disease and diabetes, heart disease and some forms of cancers. Patients are now benefiting from the new laser solution for gum disease in Chandler, AZ. If you have ever had any evidence of gum disease, including red, bleeding or swollen gums, especially after brushing or flossing, or eating some foods, you should schedule a visit with dentist, Dr. John Patterson, in Chandler, Arizona. The [...]

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