Old School Dentistry vs. Preventive Dentistry

Centuries ago, regular dental checkups were obsolete. The only time people went to the dentist was when they already had a cavity or tooth problem. Now, after many years of research and proven success, dental checkups have become a part of routine oral care. Dr. Patterson of Chandler, Arizona understands the old school mentality and has earned a reputation in successful preventive dentistry. Here are some interesting facts about old school dentistry vs. preventive dentistry. Tooth Brushing Was Not Always Common When folks first came to America, brushing of teeth was not commonly performed. Other countries had a much better [...]

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Cosmetic Dentistry in Arizona

Dr. Patterson of Chandler Arizona has had several encounters with patients who are seeking cosmetic dentistry to overcome unsightly and/or embarrassing smiles. Cosmetic dentistry is often used when a patient has discolored teeth, teeth alignment problems, chipped or broken teeth or teeth that are awkwardly spaced in the mouth. Patterson Dental provides cosmetic dentistry in AZ. There was a time when cosmetic dentistry was only affordable to an elite group, but now anyone can obtain such services. As the years have gone by, new techniques at more affordable prices have become available so that anyone desiring to have a beautiful smile can [...]

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How Diabetes Affects Your Dental Care

There is a higher risk of gum disease in people who have diabetes. High sugar levels, especially uncontrolled sugar levels, can wreak havoc on your gums and teeth. Many diabetics are unaware of the severity of this issue. Dr. John Patterson of Chandler, AZ has experience in providing professional dental care to his diabetic patients. If you are unaware of the risks associated with diabetes and periodontal disease, you need to take a moment to learn how diabetes affects your dental care. Any health issues in your mouth affect your entire being. Bacterial infection under the gums can trigger inflammation. [...]

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Make Brushing Your Child’s Teeth a Habit

According to the American Dental Association, patients who brush their teeth twice daily and floss once a day have better checkups, less tooth decay and brighter smiles. Most people grow up with the knowledge of brushing their teeth properly. You know the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It takes educators getting involved in young people’s lives to help them make brushing your child’s teeth a habit. How Busy Schedules Prevent Children from Brushing Regularly In the daily routines of sports schedules, school programs, after school events and extracurricular activities, children often fail to properly take [...]

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What Is Your Smile Telling Others?

Chandler, AZ cosmetic dentist John Patterson, is all too aware of how important a radiant smile is. Truth is; your smile instantly creates an intuitive effect on the people whom you meet. A brighter smile leaves the impression of a youthful, vital, happy and warm person. A radiant smile is perceived as a healthy smile. Have you ever asked, “What is your smile telling others about you?” If it is imperfect, or if you have chipped and/or dull teeth, you most likely are leaving behind the wrong impression. FACT: 99.7% of Adults Say a Bright Smile is an Asset According [...]

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