Cosmetic Dentistry Options in Arizona

Dr. Patterson of Chandler Arizona has had several encounters with patients who are seeking cosmetic dentistry options to overcome unsightly and/or embarrassing smiles. Cosmetic dentistry is often used when a patient has discolored teeth, teeth alignment problems, chipped or broken teeth or teeth that are awkwardly spaced in the mouth. There was a time when cosmetic dentistry was only affordable to an elite group, but now anyone can obtain such services. As the years have gone by, new techniques at more affordable prices have become available so that anyone desiring to have a beautiful smile can easily obtain one. Stained, [...]

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Anticoagulants Raise Risks in Dental Procedures

If you have ever had a heart attack or a stroke, you may be on an anticoagulant medication such as aspirin, Warfin, Coumadin or Plavix or some other regimen that prevent strokes and blood clots form forming. If this is you, then you need to notify your dentist of it. The reasoning is clear, because anticoagulants raise risks in dental procedures. How Does Anticoagulant Medication Affect My Dental Treatment? Anticoagulants are blood thinning drugs used to prevent blood clots. Because these medications may make it difficult for your blood to clot normally, you could have trouble with bleeding after some [...]

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Diagnose Cause for Facial Pain

If you are experiencing facial pain, especially in the jaw, or near the ear area, you may have what is known as a TMJ, issue. The temporomandibular joints of the jaw can become dislocated or injured, causing undiagnosed facial pain. Arizona Dentist, Dr. Patterson can diagnose the cause of your facial pain and help you resolve the issue once and for all. Symptoms of TM Joint Problems Many patients go through life not understanding the intermittent pain associated with TMJ. Perhaps you have experienced a clicking or popping sound when you open your mouth or chew. Maybe you experience unusual [...]

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Ultrasonic Devices Can Affect Your Dental Care

Normally when you visit your dentist, you will experience an array of tests such as x-ray and ultrasonic equipment being used by your hygienist, or during a dental procedure. Normally this kind of treatment rarely affects anyone and is relatively safe for all people. However, if you have an implant such as a pacemaker or implantable defibrillator, you are at a higher risk of experiencing potential problems with your dental visit. Ultrasonic devices can affect your dental care procedures. How Can My Pacemaker be Affected by Dental Care? If you have an implantable defibrillator or pacemaker, ultrasonic equipment can cause [...]

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How to Prevent Bad Breath Before it Starts

Bad breath can cause an array of problems socially, and be a sign of a medical problem that you may not even be aware of. Halitosis – the medical name for bad breath can be prevented if you know what the reason behind it is. Learn how to prevent bad breath before it starts. Those plagued with bad breath, often are not aware of the problem. Poor dental maintenance or diet can be the result of halitosis. Unless you get a grip on the cause for your bad breath, your social and medical condition may worsen into something much more [...]

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What You Should Know About Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Did you know that nine out of ten people will experience at least one or more wisdom teeth barely breaking through the surface of the gum line? This condition is called an impacted tooth. This mainly happens because of the lack of space for the wisdom tooth to emerge properly. Dr. John Patterson of Chandler, Arizona is very knowledgeable about the problems that wisdom teeth present to his patients. Many people simply ignore the issue, but this can lead to serious health conditions. Here are some things you should know about impacted wisdom teeth. If impacted wisdom teeth are left [...]

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How Diabetes Affects Your Dental Care

There is a higher risk of gum disease in people who have diabetes. High sugar levels, especially uncontrolled sugar levels, can wreak havoc on your gums and teeth. Many diabetics are unaware of the severity of this issue. Dr. John Patterson of Chandler, AZ has experience in providing professional dental care to his diabetic patients. If you are unaware of the risks associated with diabetes and periodontal disease, you need to take a moment to learn how diabetes affects your dental care. Any health issues in your mouth affect your entire being. Bacterial infection under the gums can trigger inflammation. [...]

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Dry Mouth Syndrome Leads to Increased Dental Problems

Saliva in the mouth is instrumental in keeping your mouth moistened and in washing away bacteria and acids as well as small particles that adhere to the enamel of your teeth. Many adults who suffer from dry mouth have most likely seen the effect of it during dental checkups. Dry mouth syndrome leads to increased dental problems. What Causes Dry Mouth? Older adults are more prone to developing dry mouth symptoms because of the medications that they take. For instance, diuretics, pain killers, high blood pressure medications, decongestants and antihistamines are primarily responsible for dry mouth problems. There is also [...]

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Tobacco Use Increases Risks for Oral Cancer

Whether you have been a tobacco user via smoking or chewing, your oral health most likely has been compromised. Tobacco use is not only known for increasing the risks of heart disease, emphysema, stroke or lung and throat cancers, but it is the leading cause for oral cancer. Dentists in Arizona and throughout the globe are all too aware of the risks associated with the use of tobacco. Oral Health and the Consequences of Smoking Many a smoker is naïve to the fact that their tobacco dependency can lead to a plethora of oral health issues. Naturally a few of [...]

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Make Brushing Your Child’s Teeth a Habit

According to the American Dental Association, patients who brush their teeth twice daily and floss once a day have better checkups, less tooth decay and brighter smiles. Most people grow up with the knowledge of brushing their teeth properly. You know the old adage, “It takes a village to raise a child.” It takes educators getting involved in young people’s lives to help them make brushing your child’s teeth a habit. How Busy Schedules Prevent Children from Brushing Regularly In the daily routines of sports schedules, school programs, after school events and extracurricular activities, children often fail to properly take [...]

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