If you are experiencing facial pain, especially in the jaw, or near the ear area, you may have what is known as a TMJ, issue. The temporomandibular joints of the jaw can become dislocated or injured, causing undiagnosed facial pain. Arizona Dentist, Dr. Patterson can diagnose the cause of your facial pain and help you resolve the issue once and for all.

Symptoms of TM Joint Problems

Many patients go through life not understanding the intermittent pain associated with TMJ. Perhaps you have experienced a clicking or popping sound when you open your mouth or chew. Maybe you experience unusual jaw pain during the day or night that has gone undiagnosed. Also, if you experience tenderness in and around the ear, neck pain or headaches, these are all symptoms that you might have TM joint problems.

What Causes TM Joint Problems?

Because of the complexity of the TM joints, which are located on either side of the head, and the different movements involved when they are in use such as when you speak, swallow, chew, diagnosing a TM issue is important. Several muscles assist you in opening and closing your mouth. They control the mandible (lower jaw) as it moves back and forth and side-to-side. Any issue that prevents this complex muscle group from working smoothly may result in a painful and sometimes debilitating TMJ disorder.

Diagnosing TMJ

If you suspect that you have a TMJ problem that has gone undiagnosed, your dentist can assist you immensely in diagnosing and resolving the painful issue of TMJ. Dr. Patterson can tell you whether your problem has occurred due to periodontal disease, or arthritis, dislocation or trauma. There are other factors will need to take into consideration before a complete diagnosis can be made. Dr. Patterson of Chandler, AZ can diagnose the cause of your facial pain and help get you back to a pain free life. Give Dr. Patterson a call to set up your consultation today. Phone (480) 280-6170.