IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry)

What makes Dr. John Patterson’s office so unique… Dr. John Patterson’s office offers the option of IV Sedation (Sleep Dentistry) for patients during their dental work. Your treatment can be completed while you are completely relaxed, or even asleep. IV Sedation will completely alleviate all of your anxiety associated with your treatment, and the majority of patients have no memory of the appointment. You will naturally wake up at the end of treatment, be completely comfortable, and be able to walk out of the office on your own.

Studies show that 35% of the population avoids the dentist due to fear. Sedation dentistry provides a safe and comfortable way for a patient to obtain the dental care they need and want.

In addition to the extensive training that Dr. John Patterson and his staff have received, all patients are continuously monitored during their IV Sedation appointment using the latest technology, making IV Sedation the safest sedation option available. This monitoring, which shows any changes in the patient before they become problems, allows Dr. John Patterson to be proactive and deal with any situations quickly and effectively. IV sedation is the most reliable route of sleep dentistry and is effective 99% of the time, with the onset of sleep occurring within minutes. The practice of Dr. John Patterson is unique in that he is able to provide world class dentistry along with the amazing comforts of sleep dentistry.

Oral Conscious Sedation

With Oral Sedation, patients take one pill one hour prior to their appointment, allowing them to walk into the office completely relaxed and often rather sleepy. As a result of his extensive sedation training, Dr. John Patterson and his caring staff are able to evaluate you and see if another dose is required, allowing the patient to become more sedated as needed or desired. The majority of dentists do not possess the license to give the patient this second dose, which is often required. Because you will be completely monitored with the latest monitoring equipment, this type of sedation is completely safe. As a side note, if there was an emergency, Dr. John Patterson and his staff are able to respond quickly, reversing the drug’s effects in moments if needed. As with IV sedation, the patient usually has very limited memory of the appointment and is typically asleep as well.

Imagine being completely relaxed during your visit with Dr. John Patterson while painlessly having years of work done in just one or two visits!

The protocols used in sedation dentistry can be customized to your anxiety level and medical history, allowing you an incredibly comfortable, relaxing, and safe experience. Your visit to Dr. John Patterson’s office will be one of total comfort.