CEREC Single Visit Dentistry

The finished products our CEREC dentist provide look more natural than fabrications used in the past for silver or plastic fillings CEREC tooth restorations are more durable and longer lasting than traditional restorations Best of all, the entire dental procedure can be done in one visit to the CEREC dentists.

Have you had dental work done in the past that has left you with a mouth full of plastic or silver? Modern dentistry has given us new and exciting options for dealing with the dental problems many of us face. The professional CEREC dentist at Patterson Dental has the answer. The state-of-the-art CEREC tooth restoration system is available to you when you need repairs or restorations on your teeth. CEREC services are conveniently available at our Chandler office. You will always look and feel your best, and you’ll be completely satisfied when you look into these innovative dental health options. CEREC tooth restoration gives patients teeth a more natural look than fabrications used in the past for silver or plastic fillings. CEREC tooth restoration is more durable and longer lasting than traditional restorations as well. Best of all, the entire procedure can be done in a single visit by of our trained CEREC dentist, so there’s no need for a return appointment!


CEREC tooth restoration uses the proven technologies of CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Manufacturing) to incorporate a camera, computer and milling machine into one instrument. Our CEREC dentist will use a special camera to take a picture of your damaged tooth, so there’s no need for uncomfortable molds or temporaries. The picture is transferred to a color computer screen where we use CAD technology to design and CAM technology to automatically create it. Then we’ll bond the custom designed piece to the surface of your old tooth.


CEREC-OmnicamNO MORE SILVER FILLINGS: Uses a high-quality ceramic material that is natural looking and color matched to your teeth.

  • PRESERVES YOUR TOOTH: The combination of the actual process and new bonding techniques enable us to preserve more of your healthy material, creating a stronger, more permanent result.
  • SAVES YOU VALUABLE TIME: Because there’s no longer the need to create temporaries or take impressions of your teeth and send them to a lab, the traditional second visit necessary has been eliminated. The whole process is completed in just one appointment.
  • BIOCOMPATIBLE MATERIALS: Materials are closer to enamel’s properties than any material in use today, so it’s compatible with the tissue in your mouth, anti-abrasive and plaque-resistant.
  • PROVEN TECHNOLOGY: Tested for more than two decades, with more than eight million precise, safe and effective procedures done worldwide.

Giving you the services and treatments you need

This state-of-the-art, proven approach to restorative dentistry is now available at the Chandler, Arizona office. Dr. John Patterson has been providing patients with quality dentistry for many years. With experienced and highly qualified dental health experts and a caring staff, they define modern dentistry with a range of services.

Dr. John Patterson can give you the oral health and cosmetic improvements you need and deserve. They understand that quick, pain-free visits by caring doctors are what patients are really looking for. Combine that with a restorative process from caring doctors that looks and feels better and you get the services that you deserve!