If you have an unsightly smile that keeps you from socializing or enjoying your life as intended, then now is the time to come see Dr. Patterson in Chandler, AZ. You no longer have to contend with cracked, gapped, chipped, discolored or worn teeth inhibiting your social life. If you haven’t heard, Porcelain Veneers are leaving behind smiles in Arizona.

What are Porcelain Veneers?

Porcelain is the most natural and easiest shape material that the dentist can use to transform your smile from embarrassing to enlightening. Porcelain veneers are thinly created porcelain covers that simply are attached or bonded to your natural teeth. They leave your smile flawless and leave a permanent white result that lasts. Porcelain Veneers allow Dr. Patterson of Arizona to change the color, shape, and arrangement of any tooth in your mouth with ease, leaving you with a beautiful, irresistible smile.

Does Applying Porcelain Veneers Require a Long or Painful Dental Procedure?

Applying veneers is not a lengthy uncomfortable procedure, and you will instantly enjoy sharing your smile with the world. Dr. Patterson knows the importance of a beautiful smile, and he can ensure you that Porcelain Veneers are not painful, leaving you with sensitivity-free results. Applying Porcelain Veneers is a quick and easy process, and now thanks to Patterson Dental it is more affordable too!

Smiling should be an enjoyable and happy experience undaunted by stress or embarrassment. With Porcelain Veneers you no longer will have a need to hide your smile. Give us a call today and set up an appointment with Dr. Patterson for a consultation. Now you can be one of the many Porcelain Veneer patients leaving behind smiles in AZ. Contact Patterson Dental at (480) 280-6170.