Sometime between the ages of 17-25, most people experience their wisdom teeth beginning to emerge. Some folks have minimal problems, while others experience impaction and other mouth pain due to overcrowding. Extraction is the normal procedure for wisdom teeth. This is especially true when they tend to crowd out other teeth or become infected or impacted due to their inability to grow in properly. Other complications include wisdom teeth growing underneath other established teeth or getting trapped beneath the gum line. On the other hand, some wisdom teeth only partially emerge through the gum. All of these conditions can become acutely painful and leave patients vulnerable to infections and cavities.

Daily, Dr. Patterson and his staff have opportunities to educate patients about wisdom teeth and to assist them in the appropriate protocol needed to help them with their wisdom teeth problems. First there are a few things you need to know about your teeth before we consider the solution to wisdom teeth problems that commonly occur.

  1. Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that are on each side of your jaw.
  2. Wisdom teeth got their name due to the later age in which they develop inside the mouth.
  3. Wisdom teeth often become infected or develop cavities because they are hard to reach and to care for properly.
  4. Wisdom teeth often become impacted or grow in sideways.

About 35% of patients never develop wisdom teeth. However, for the remaining patients who are encountering problems with their wisdom teeth, Patterson Dental of Chandler, AZ can be of great assistance. Dr. Patterson offers tips on wisdom teeth care and provides gentle, compassionate, anesthetic procedures for patients who need wisdom teeth extractions. If you are experiencing wisdom teeth pain or overcrowding, give us a call today. There is no other dentist in AZ, as passionate about creating beautiful smiles! (480) 280-6170.