Modern dentistry is constantly discovering ways to help prevent cavities and decay from forming in children’s mouths. With the diet of soda, candy and sweet cakes, young children are more susceptible to developing cavities. Dr. John Patterson is aware of the risk and how dental sealants provide protection by maintaining good oral health.

What are dental sealants?

Dental sealants are thin plastic coatings that are directly applied to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth to protect them from decay. Most cavities appear in children and teens on these surfaces. Dental sealants are an effective element of preventive treatment as they eliminate germs and food particles from being caught in the grooves of the back teeth. Children who have developed permanent molars are likely candidates for such treatment.

What is the process for applying dental sealants?

Since dental sealants do not require drilling or removal of tooth structures, the process is quick and easy. The tooth is cleaned, and a special gel is placed on the surface of the tooth for a few seconds. The tooth is then cleansed and dried. The sealant is then applied directly to the tooth much like an artist applies paint to a canvas. Afterwards, a light might be applied to the area to harden the sealant so it can form a protective shield.

Are dental sealants visibly noticeable?

The sealant itself is clear, or slightly colored and cannot be seen unless close up. Sealants are difficult to see as they are not visible when a child speaks or smiles. Because of their smooth consistency, they effectively fill the grooves and pits in teeth and are rarely even noticed by the patients.

Are dental sealants a long or short term treatment, requiring additional applications?

Dental sealant can last up to five or ten years. During routine checkups, your dentists will examine the sealant, and if it needs to be replaced, he will do so.

Dental sealants for oral health are an excellent way to prevent tooth decay and disease in children prone to developing cavities in their back teeth. If you have any questions or concerns about out your child’s teeth and would like to talk to a professional about it, feel free to make an appointment today at Patterson Dental of Chandler, AZ. (480) 280-6170.