Centuries ago, regular dental checkups were obsolete. The only time people went to the dentist was when they already had a cavity or tooth problem. Now, after many years of research and proven success, dental checkups have become a part of routine oral care. Dr. Patterson of Chandler, Arizona understands the old school mentality and has earned a reputation in successful preventive dentistry. Here are some interesting facts about old school dentistry vs. preventive dentistry.

Tooth Brushing Was Not Always Common

When folks first came to America, brushing of teeth was not commonly performed. Other countries had a much better concept for the need and used something called a Miswak, or chewstick as the earliest toothbrush. This concept was borrowed from the Chinese and Babylonians who borrowed it from the Romans. It consisted of a stick a bit smaller than a pencil in diameter. It was often made of fibrous wood. One end of the stick was chewed to separate wood fibers and then teeth were scrubbed one at a time. Today, this method still exists in many parts of Africa and Islamic countries. Aren’t you thankful that toothbrushes have become modernized?

How Often Should I See My Dentist for Cleaning and Checkups?

It is recommended that bi-annual checkups are ideal for good oral health. Lack of knowledge in the earlier days, led men to believe that tooth loss was a sign of old age. Now, we know that preventive dentistry can help patients keep their teeth for the duration of their lifetime.

During a checkup, your dentists will look for early signs of oral disease, cancer and decay. Patterson Dental of AZ also knows to look for gum disease, eroded fillings, tooth fractures, and oral infections. By keeping your regular checkups and cleanings your dentist can help you eliminate a smaller problem before it becomes unmanageable, resulting in tooth loss.

If you are still holding onto to old school dentistry ideals, most likely you need a thorough checkup and cleaning. Patterson Dental of Arizona can help you get back on track to a brighter and healthier smile. Give us a call and make an appointment today! (480) 280-6170.