Are you one of those who avoid dental care because you experience fear and anxiety? Perhaps you have had a poor experience with a dentist and experienced a tremendous amount of unnecessary pain during the process. Now an Arizona dentist offers IV sedation and sleep dentistry. Dr. John Patterson is one of the very few dentists possessing a license to use such methods, ensuring safe and relaxing dental procedures without pain and anxiety.

Chandler and Tempe dental patients will never be the same, especially those who have been putting off check-ups and procedures because of undue stress or fear regarding the appointment. IV sedation and sleep dentistry allows the patient to sleep comfortably while dental procedures are being performed. Once the patient awakens, they have limited ability to remember the procedure, and are able to walk right out of the dentist office after their appointment.

Affordable family dentist, John Patterson of Chandler, Arizona also offers oral conscious sedation. This means that one hour prior to your dental appointment you will be given a pill that will relax you, and most likely make you drowsy. Afterward you will be observed, and if needed, additional medication will be given to ensure a comfortable but alert dental visit.

Our goal at Patterson Dental is to provide compassionate pain free, and comfortable office procedures that will eliminate the anxiety and fear that some patients encounter.

Remember, the next time you become anxious about dental care, that John Patterson Offers IV Sedation and Sleep Dentistry. Dr. Patterson’s dental services in Chandler, AZ will help ensure a safe and comfortable dental care solution for you. Give us a call at today and be on your way to a stress-free experience! (480) 280-6170.