Most people, at one time or another experience the issue of having bad breath. Bad breath can develop from eating certain foods such as onions and garlic; however, the most common form of bad breath is due to poor oral care. If you are frequently concerned about it, then it is time to visit your dentist and learn tips on how to keep a check on bad breath.

Dr. Patterson is aware of the many problems that can cause bad breath, and can suggest helpful tips and special mouthwashes to prevent it. Some of the main culprits that cause bad breath are:

  1. Poor dental hygiene. This can range from the lack of brushing teeth properly, to poor flossing habits. When food gets trapped between the teeth and is not removed, it begins to decay causing serious bad breath problems, and tooth decay issues, as well. Make sure to brush your teeth at least twice a day. Do not forget to brush your tongue. This simple step can prevent bad mouth odor in some people. Flossing must also be done on a regular daily basis.
  2. Medications can cause bad breath. Some medications can cause bad breath such as diuretics. They do this by drying out your mouth and preventing your saliva from cleaning your gums and mouth regularly throughout the day. Drinking water can help, but if you consistently have dry mouth, talk your dentist about it. There are some ways in which he can help.
  3. Sinus and allergy problems can cause bad breath. If you suffer with nasal drainage and allergy issues, you may have constant bad breath and never be aware of it. It is necessary to see your regular doctor to get this condition under control.

If you are experiencing difficulty, and need to learn more on how to keep a check on bad breath there is a solution. Call Dr. John Patterson of Chandler, AZ for an appointment today at (480) 280-6170.